Our stategy is designed to benefit buyers, contribute to culture, build community, and drive social impact.

Here's How.

When you buy a work of art from us, you're buying an asset designed to increase in value as quickly as possible. We have a five stage strategy to ensure that our NFTs appreciate, and here it is.

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Initial Launch

In our Launch Phase, we minted our first set of NFTs on OpenSea, established the Apocalypse Art brand, built this site, crafted our roadmap, and sold our first editions.

To date, we've made some great connections with early collectors and are steadily building our Twitter following (it's all happening on Twitter!).

We also made some n00b mistakes. We minted too many editions, for example, and then sent the overmints to a burn address to reduce supply.

  • concept, brand, and team established
  • first NFTs minted and sold
  • social impact support begins
  • The foundation of the story the art has to tell is built
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Proof of Concept & 2nd Launch

In Phase Two, we will mint and sell original one of ones beginning with a series called InSight as well as a steady trickle of "Meeings" — beings that live in the Apocalypse world. We'll continue to establish proof of concept, growing a world of magical realism full of characters, ideas, and stories.

We'll also welcome more collectors through Twitter, Discord, influencers, and word of mouth.

As our work becomes more popular in the marketplace, previously sold works should appreciate in value. We aim to position ourselves to launch future works on more exclusive digital art marketplaces such as SuperRare and NiftyGateway, among others.

  • additional NFTs minted and sold
  • influencers on board
  • appreciation of assets
  • social impact increased
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3rd Launch

In Phase Three, we will launch a new collection, currently in production at the studio. This collection will feature 144 hand-painted and digitally retouched PFPs (profile pictures) with unlockable content and an analog component. More details to come!

We will also continue to grow the Apocalypse Art brand to foster more demand in the marketplace so that previously sold works steadily appreciate in value.

  • Represented and sold on a top NFT platform
  • Brand gains recognition
  • Third set minted and sold
  • Social impact program expands
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Strategic Adjustments

In Phase Four, we'll focus on growing brand awareness (including publicity, engaging influencers, and attracting significant buyers. We'll continue to make exciting art in the studio, releasing new 1/1s and other projects TBD, collaborating with others, etc.

During this phase, we aim to invest in more ambitious media projects: collaborations, live action shorts, costumes, apparel, billboards, and other means of popularizing the brand.

Our NFTs should continue to appreciate due to the increased demand in the marketplace.

  • Attract significant investment
  • Invest in live action shorts, apparel, etc.
  • Asset appreciation
  • Increasing brand awareness in marketplace
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In Phase Five, our goal is to sell on a high end platform. If we reach this goal, our work will be highly valued in the marketplace, and our investors can sell the work and be abundantly rewarded for their investment and trust in us. We want this!

And with money earned from high dollar sales, we invest even more in our social good projects and our ongoing media production. We want to turn the magical/real world we create via the ongoing launches of new work into movies and TV concepts. This is the big dream 🙂

  • Sold on Sotheby's NFT auction or other High-end House
  • Previously sold assets are highly valuable
  • Increased ability to invest in social good projects
  • Our media company grows, expands, & diversifies

We aim to achieve our goals in four or five stages, but it may take longer. Since value accrues at every stage, both the journey and destination are important. We want to sell at Sotheby‘s within two to five years.

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We support A Social Good project.

We love making art, sharing it with you, and helping people create and co-create a better world. That's why the sale of NFTs goes directly to our groundbreaking work and school.