The Meeings represent stages on a spiritual or life path. Some are visible; others are invisible, and they have all manner of intentions. There are 49 Meeings, all 1/1s.

Volume 1 was released in early 2021; Volume 4 was released in early 2023.

See also "The Hall of Meeings" on The Line.

volume 4

Click on any image to open its SuperRare or Manifold listing. Collected works will link to their page on OpenSea.

Collectors are named under the artwork.

collection Wolf of Apes

collection Quimp

collection Public Frenemies

collection Charles W

collection bfield

collection Art Pleb

collection Mr703

collection Eternal Pepe

collection Sartoshi

volume 3

These images are a single block. To view them individually, scroll down to the SuperRare or OpenSea links.

Meeings Volume 3 grid

volume 2

Meeings Volume 2 - V2

volume 1

Meeings Volume 1 - horizontal - s

Some NFTs may come with optional physicals.