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The visual artist at Apocalypse has been making art since 1993. He's also a teacher, a facilitator, and a social entrepreneur.

After his MFA, he spent two decades supporting large scale social change projects around the world pioneering a method called "Social Sculpture."

As a result, he had no way to share, show, or sell his art — until now.

You can learn more about his work by following him on Twitter at @apocalypticform.

In his words, here's what Apocalypse Art is about:

I've worked around the world on some of humanity's toughest challenges. And in all that time, I've learned that society is like a sculpture: we make it together; it's a projection of our ideas & values.

This means we also have the potential to transform society — but will we do it? Recent events are not encouraging.

My art is about seeing the unwinnable and ongoing wars, the desperate messes and masses, the endless struggle and striving of humanity — and winning through to love, creativity, and metamorphosis in dark and chaotic times.


Apocalypse Art is a project of an artist and a musician who have worked together for many years.

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Meet the Team

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Advisor & Investor

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